Batteries Included Batteries back

In 1992, when he was halfway through his forties, the legendary Van der Graaf Generator saxophonist David Jackson left teaching full time to practice, write, record and play gigs again. He created a one-man show of new and old historic pieces; some he had reworked in his studio and were never performed live before. At that time, Jackson had been seeing and keeping up with his young Dutch friend René van Commenée and knew of his percussive powers at the time.

"He had recently spent a whole night at our house in Wokingham in the room below our bedroom practicing for an immanent 24 hour Indian Tabla exam - which was a strange and exhilarating sound to wake up with!" (D. Jackson)

Van Commenée invited his legendary friend to perform at his birthday-party. Jackson took the invitation and insisted to perform, at least a part of the show, together.
Both musicians enjoyed performing together very much and Van Commenée proposed playing duo-shows together a year later.

" In Utrecht I felt a strange Hammill/VdGG connection kicking in. Something strange and magical would be happening very soon. This was great chance to play gigs with René at last. He loved my new repertoire and we loved to improvise together." (D. Jackson)

They were booked in a theatre at the center of  "The Institute of Mental Health" in Utrecht, funny enough the title of an early Peter Hammill track (co-written with Judge Smith, a librettist and composer with whom both Jackson and Van Commenée worked together many times) on which Jackson played the saxes in the seventies.
At the shows Jackson came with his whole arsenal Saxes, flutes, the EMS soundbeam and electronics. Van Commenée had an incredible drum and percussion set up with drums and metals collected from all over the world and played in lotus seat, not using his feet!

"It was a bit distracting! How did he make it all happen and sound so good!?" (D. Jackson)

The gigs were lovely! The crew and audience were just great. That magic atmosphere is captured along with a great live-recorded sound. 'Batteries Included’ is actually 21. It has come of age and it is the perfect time to distribute it again.

"Jackson is an incredible musician; unpredictable, original, a master of the double horns, a great pleasure to work with both on stage and in the studio. The percussion set I used at that time was a beast to conquer but Jackson gave me wings!" (R. van Commenée)

David Jackson's sax and double-sax wizardry with a strong and original drums and cymbal accompaniment is finally available in record stores around the world and can be ordered directly from Gonzo Multimedia.