Here's an audio/visual summary of the well received Willem Tanke project The Enchanted Desert performed last June in Groningen, The Netherlands. Yes, sharing is allowed and booking too.


In 2015, the Schnitger Dream Prize was awarded to Willem Tanke for his innovative contribution to organ art, among other things by explaining new ways of organ playing on his blog Some Thoughts on Playing the Organ. To celebrate this a special concert will be given in the Der Aa-kerk, Groningen, on 30 June 2016,20:15hr. Willem Tanke will play the famous Schnitger organ and present his project The Enchanted Desert with Eliana Stragapede; dance (Frederik Kaijser; choreography), Martijn Alsters; flute, René van Commenée; performance, percussion & specials and Friso van Wijck; percussion.



Batteries Included Balleries Included back Batteries Included is back! The well received live album from 2003 by David Jackson & René van Commenée has returned to the shops worldwide. Check your local record/cd store or check online stores. The album is exclusively distributed by Gonzo Multimedia and can be ordered directly from their store as well. Read a little background story here.


Gridlock album Get the latest Mr Averell CD 'Gridlock' HERE or at the Mr Averell site and Gonzo Multimedia. The album is featuring a stunning list of performers inlcuding Mike Garson, John Ellis, David Jackson, Hugh Banton, Lene Lovich and many more!

Interview on BLOGTALKRADIO USA 2013/05/09.


Orfeas Still available: Judge Smith (co-founder of legendary Van der Graaf Generator) released a new CD "Orfeas", featuring Lene Lovich, John Ellis, David Jackson, René van Commenée and many others. Judge's 3rd Songstory is a retelling of the ancient myth of Orpheus; a remarkable story told with remarkable music, performed by 7 separate ensembles, each playing an entirely different kind of music. Go to the Masters of Art webshop for ordering: Judge Smith Shop.