Based in The Netherlands, The Art of Doing Nothing (TAoDN) is the heart of a series of projects by
the internationally acclaimed musicians Willem Tanke (organ, piano, keyboards), Martijn Alsters (flutes, wind midi
controller, live electronics) and René van Commenée (percussion, voice, accordion, live electronics).
The members perform as a trio, as a duo, invite guest musicians and work with (local) actors.
The Art of Doing Nothing is also the title of a research which Willem Tanke carried out at Codarts, University for the Arts,
Rotterdam. Starting-point for this research was the organ-playing of J.S. Bach, who could achieve an extraordinary
powerful musical expression with very small movements of fingers and feet only, according to one of his contemporaries. This helped Willem Tanke form a picture of the ideal way of playing the organ and musicianship in general.
Martijn Alsters and René van Commenée, both working as sound architects also, add their surround sound art
installations on some occasions as well, which makes the concerts true audio environmental experiences, literally
surrounding the audience.
Since Willem Tanke is an organist in the first place, TAoDN often performs in churches but thanks to recent developments concerning high quality digital organs, concerts can also take place in other environments such as theatres,
and open-air venues.
A grand piano and synthesizers may also be used. Invariably, the space itself is an essential part
of TAoDN performances and fully integrates with the music.



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